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Family Law

The restructuring of a family and recreation of a new future is not an easy process. We seek to assist clients as they navigate their next steps.

At the Graham Law Group, we strive to help clients determine where they want to go, what they need to be successful, and to understand Texas Law and its affect on the process. We help clients in divorce, custody and modification, property changes, and child support. We also recognize that effective planning can minimize future litigation. The Graham Law Group also assist with planning such as the preparation of co-habitation agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, and post-nuptial agreements.

We recognize that changes in the family structure often causes confusion and can be overwhelming. We partner with clients to help them understand the process, protect their rights, and advocate for their interests.


With or without children, divorce is complicated. It is critical to ensure that property, assets and debts are correctly divided. Failure to properly divide the community can result in low credit scores, uninsurable title transactions, and frustrating processes that can be avoided with proper planning with an attorney. Texas has very specific rules that govern the divorce process and these rules must be followed or a Judge is unable to grant a divorce. Further, Texas requires a “just and right” division of property. It is critical to understand what is “just and right” so that you can protect your rights in the process of divorce.

Texas also provides guidelines on child custody/visitation. Creative schedules can be created, but must be done with care and follow the law. Good legal advice is important because failure to understand Texas law in regard to child custody can result in more strained relationships and frustration. A Graham Law Group attorney can help you understand the process of divorce and the guidelines in place as well as assist in advocating for creative solutions for your family as you restructure your finances and living arrangements.

Child Support

Texas also has guidelines in place to assist families in determining the correct amount of support that a parent is responsible for. These guidelines do not always allow for special circumstances or expenses. Proper planning to address child-care costs, extraordinary medical expenses, private school costs, and children who have special needs can assist in avoiding future litigation and expense. A Graham Law Group attorney can assist you in navigating child support issues and help you avoid pitfalls.

Custody Modification

Sometimes, the plan in place no longer works. Texas law allows for the possession schedule of a child to be modified by the Court. If your current possession schedule is not ideal, a Graham Law Group attorney can assist you in understanding your options and the legal process through which you can modify your current schedule.